Instruments using Tempered Tonewoods resonate louder, with a broader harmonic footprint that includes stronger fundamentals and richer harmonics and a significantly longer natural sustain than comparable contemporary instruments.

The Sound of “Old Wood”

The Sound is truly HUGE and very LIVE

The Sound resembles Highly Valued “CLASSIC” Instruments

The Visuals are APPEALING

Instruments have virtually NO DEAD SPOTS

Tempered Tonewoods

Benefits of using Tempered Tonewoods

  • Stability

  • Lighter Weight

  • Strong Color

  • Clear Grain Definition

  • Expanded Sonic Performance

  • Gives Current Species New Appeal

  • Adds New Species to Available Woods

  • Supports Independent Loggers & Processors

  • Grown & Processed in the US

  • Machines Well

  • Sands Well

  • Glues Well

  • Finishes Well

  • Easier Engineering